Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

My brother, Mom, and Me (May 2012)

I have always thought my mom is great.  We have always had a pretty good relationship and I would have said so even in the midst of my teenage years.  I have come to appreciate my mom more and more as I have grown up and now see her as not just my mother but my friend, my encourager, my inspiration, and my mentor.  She is selfless in the way she gives me her time and attention.  She gives me encouragement on my hard days with my own children and is available to lend an ear (via phone) for me to cry and lament.  She is thoughtful and still finds so many ways to do nice things for me even though we  don't live close each to other.  My mother loves me unconditionally as well as my husband and my children.  I have learned so many things from her by watching the ways she interacts with others.  She has a beautiful gift of hospitality that makes others feel so welcome and included. She is a thoughtful gift giver.  She often sets aside her own needs so that she can give to others.  I love how she can talk to anyone whether it be a cashier at the store or a person on the phone she has never met.  She is friendly, loving, full of smiles, and best of all she has modeled for me how to love the Lord.  I love her so much and am blessed beyond belief that she is my MOM.

I love you MOM!




  1. I am a blessed woman to have two beautiful children, and 3 wonderful grandchildren. Thank you for the kind words Megs - it's not hard to be your mom! You make it easy.
    Love and kisses till we see you soon.....

  2. megan, i don't know your mom personally much at all, but after spending time with you and witnessing your love for her and hers for you, i know that you have been given an amazing mother. she truly is your friend and your mentor. you are becoming such a mother for your own little ones.
    happy very belated mother's day, friend.