Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 11 Months

Pictures are from  3/21 - 4/21

Happy 11 Months Little C-Dog.

Reading with Mom. 

 Loving the sand box.

Bubble Bath Fun. 

"So Big!"

Little C you are getting "So big."  Can't believe you are almost a year old.  Your goofy two teeth grin always makes us smile.  You are inquisitive and investigate everything from floor vents, refrigerator drawers, and toilets.  Your first word other than just (da da da/ ba ba ba) came this month "hot."  I have know idea what you think it means but you say it all the time. You also took your first step this month.  You have only done it a few times since then, but I have complete confidence that it won't be long before I can't stop you.

You are the greatest little kid, we love you Caleb!

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