Monday, April 23, 2012

My heart

I was away this weekend at the Empowered to Connect Conference in Denver. It was wonderful - refreshing & overwhelming (lots of good information). I have been looking forward to attending for months and it has been my hope in some dark moments during my days. I will probably discuss more at some point but it would suffice to say that I had come to a place where something needed to change regarding my parenting...what I have been doing has not been very effective for either myself or my children.

At the conference I heard from other adoptive families, listened to their stories, and was challenged regarding my parenting style. I have walked away with new techniques and am excited to parent and love my children. I am now on the 2nd day of not raising my voice to get my childrens attention and it feels so much more calm around here. My daughter is showering me with hugs & kisses, the older two are looking me in the eyes when they want to ask for something they need, and they are just in general loving the new tone we have set in our home.

While it was refreshing to "get away" for the weekend nothing beats the way my heart felt when I was greeted upon my return with hugs and smiles from my children and husband.


  1. I am thankful you were able to go to this conference. I have plenty of room for growth in the way I communicate with others. I am glad to know I'm not the only one :) I love our friendship and that we get to share things like this with each other. xo

  2. Hey, Megan. I was talking with my friend April the other day and she was mentioning that her pastor and his wife have 3 girls under 3. Maybe some similarities to your family and thought you might be interested in checking out their blog.


  3. Love Empowered to Connect! Hope to make it to a conference someday, but for now I use their online tools! Love it! - Alisa

  4. Wonderful! Yeah I changed parenting about 4 months ago and it has made a world of difference it Abraham's love and attachment. No more yelling for me any more either. Except no one is perfect but I try really hard :)