Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still Dating

Mark and I went on an overnight date last weekend. It was beautifully refreshing. Last fall Mark and I made a list of things we wanted to do on some dates. A couple of months ago we went to an India culinary class together; this was of course my idea - we cooked, baked, drank wine, and then feasted with the other students in the class. This time we did something on Mark's list - car racing.

We left late Friday afternoon and headed down to Denver. Mark's parents were in town and were gracious enough to accept the Hubbard children challenge - I hear they were great for them. We first stopped at Starbucks to give me a little pick me up.

Next stop was the race track.

We did a brief training and then headed to the indoor track for some high speed go-karts. They were fast. Mark killed it and even though I talked a lot of game I came in dead last. However I should add that I was racing with all men, most of whom seem to do this as their hobby.

Next, we headed to the hotel in downtown denver and checked in to our upgraded room on the 22nd floor - thanks Mark for schmoozing with the nice man at the front desk.

Then, we headed off to Sam's No. 3 a place that was featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. There are no pictures because we were too busy inhaling our cheeseburger, black bean burger and fries. It was very tasty and I would definitely go there again.

We enjoyed a peaceful nights sleep with no kid interruptions and no one to help use the bathroom the next morning. A quick breakfast the next morning and we headed back up the hill to see our precious angels again.

What a great date. I loved goofing off, racing, and stuffing our faces full of diner food! Now, just to see what pops up next on our Dating Bucket List.

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  1. Wow that does sound like a great date weekend! I love that you and Mark have a dating bucket list and are actually getting to enjoy doing each other's ideas on the list together. That is super cool!