Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 10 Months

Pictures are from 2/21-3/21

My dear sweet Caleb a.k.a. "bubby boo," "little brother," "little man," and "C-Dog" - You are growing up too fast. You are so mobile and go anywhere the action is...curiosity is your game and you explore everything. The newest fascinations for you are the floor vents, the toilet paper, standing up and banging on the bath tub, and emptying out the lowest drawers in the kitchen. You are crawling everywhere and climbing over obstacles in your way (pillows, toys, plastic tubs). You are pulling up on everything and have reminded me why I can't wear draw string pants anymore...Yes, you pulled them down this week when hanging on my legs. You are cruising along the furniture and walking where ever you want to go with the assistance of the close to walking, even letting go for a few seconds.

This month you have been spending lots of times on your usual activities which involve watching big brother and sister and playing with their toys. However, you are now participating more and imitating the things you see them doing. You love to jump on the trampoline by holding onto the handle and making yourself bounce. We have had nice weather so you have been enjoying the swing and sandbox.

You are a smiley little guy. I can just look at you and you grin ear-to-ear...I love it! The big kids love to play games with you to make you smile and laugh too; you really seem to mutually enjoy one another. You are very ticklish on your chest, your knees, and your neck and it is the cutest sound to hear your throaty little laugh. Peek-a-boo and patty cake are your favorites.

We are starting to read more books to you as you are able to sit still a bit longer and they don't immediately go into your mouth - we get a minute or two of reading before this happens.
You are giving high fives, kisses, and waving.

Your stomach has an amazing ability to hold more food than I would believe possible for a little boy your age. You are such a good eater and eat everything. Keep it up little dude and show Jack and Hannah how to do it! Meal times are fun, stressful, chaotic, and entertaining for your dad and I. The three of you kids laugh and play with each other. We give you lots of finger foods and you do well feeding yourself...there have been only a handful times that the big kids have given you food you are supposed to have (a peanut butter sandwich).

Wake up time is sometime between 6 and 7:30 AM --way too early! We will be working on this during the next month as we are pretty sure you are still tired but just don't know how to go back to sleep. You are taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap - they are still not very consistent in length. At night you are going to bed between 7:30 and 7:45. Your bed time routine is getting in your pj's, reading Goodnight Moon, a prayer, and then we sing you "Jesus Loves Me." You sleep with a little giraffe or monkey (whichever we find first) and you go to sleep with the sound machine on in your room, usually the sound of rain to block out the noises of the big kids who sleep in the bed room next to yours.

You smile so easily and love attention from anyone who will give it to you. You aren't talking, only saying "da-da-da-da" but I know that if you could tell me, you would say... You love us just as much we love you...You are Awesome Caleb. We love you!

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