Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gotcha Day

We recently celebrated Hannah's Gotcha Day a.k.a. the day we met Hannah for the first time 2 years ago. (Wow, 2 years!) She is a sweet, energetic, loving, curious daughter/sister and we can't imagine our family without her. We thank God for her and the way he brought us together as family.

The morning began with Donuts - chocolate milk, 1/2 a sprinkled donut, and 1/2 a chocolate donut. We also gave her a laminated map of the world that she can use to point to Ethiopia and Colorado. There are pictures on the map and Ethiopia is marked by the coffee cup - she already has it down.

We also gave Hannah her a laminated photo of Mark and I with Hannah's birth mom. We have a very worn and well loved photo hanging on the refrigerator but wanted our little Ethiopian princess to have one of her very own. We talked a lot (more than usual) about how Hannah came to be a part of our family and told her how about our journey to meet her. Jack actually plays a big part in the telling and I hear him telling her the story several times a week as they are laying in their beds before they get up in the mornings. It is very cute.

Needless to say ... Happy 2 years Hannah! We love you!

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