Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 4 Months

Jack continues to interact more with us and loves to be social. His smiles are ready and available to all. In fact, he waits for people to make eye contact with him so he can smile at them first. It doesn't matter who it is: customers at Walmart, the lady at the coffee shop, etc. He's pretty happy.

People watching - he has even been paying attention to other children/babies
going on hikes with Mom and Dad
grabbing his feet
grabbing onto anything he can and pulling it to his mouth
standing up while holding on to our hands (he sometimes gets mad, if we don't let him)
time in the exersaucer
books (now definitely paying attention to pictures)

tummy time
going to sleep
sitting down when he would rather be standing
finishing a bottle - screams like a girl when he finishes

Rolling over. Mostly stomach to back, once or twice from back to stomach. Grabbing those neat feet of his. Consistently grabbing onto and playing with objects that are dangling in front of him. His voice - a couple of times, I have heard him yelling (happy though), especially in places that echo.

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