Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NY part 2 and more Birthdays

Birthdays have always been important to me. I love celebrating with others. It is fun to spend time with people you care about, honoring them, and eating cake. While we were in New York we got to celebrate 3 birthdays.

On Thursday night of our visit we celebrated Audrey and Adam (our niece and nephew). Adam's birthday was in August and Audreys in September. One year old birthdays!!!
The last time we saw them was last Ocotber, this was them then...

and this is now...

It was so fun to celebrate these cute little lives. There was pizza and a yummy barn birthday cake made by their moms (Mark's sisters - Kiera and Shawna).

The cake was super cute and a huge hit with all the kids, especially the sheep which were covered in marshmallows. Nice job girls!! Can't believe these little guys are already one!! Again, wish we were closer to all our family.

On Saturday night we were able to celebrate Kurt's 12th birthday (Mark's cousin). This was exciting because it was all of Mark's family in the area. His aunts and uncles, cousins, sisters and family, parents, and grandma. It was really fun! We had meatloaf (per Kurt's request), potatoes, fruit salad, veggies...it was great. And of course, more cake! Yum! Kurt, we wish you a Happy Birthday!!

In addition to all the birthdays our visit was great for catching up and spending time with loved ones. The weather was nice - we went for walks - we spent time outside - we went to the Lake - we ate great food (thanks Mom Hubbard) and enjoyed our family! Looking forward to the next visit.

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