Monday, September 28, 2009


It's official, Jack is a thumb sucker. Little dude has found his thumb. He is transitioning from the lovely act of trying to jam his whole fist in his mouth to just his thumb. The other night as we were getting Jack ready for bed we watched him put his thumb in his mouth, pull out, put it back in, over and over. Mark said "I think we just witnessed our kid learning to suck his thumb." Since then he has consistently and with great accuracy remembered how to do this.

While I hope he outgrows this before he is old enough to be embarrassed, I think for now it is great. Since he can't seem to keep a pacifier in his mouth, he can use his thumb and start soothing himself to sleep. Can't good a good thumb sucking picture, but here is one of him trying to get a ball in his mouth.

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