Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday Boy!! Happy 12 Months!

May 5, 2009

May 5, 2010

3 days old

12 months old!!

Jack Edward Hubbard is ONE!! We celebrated on his actual birthday and had a wonderful day. Our day began with birthday balloon fun, grandparents (Mark's parents) arrived mid-morning, we had lunch, a stroll in the New double stroller, and then the birthday festivities began. We all had grilled cheese sandwiches (one of Jack's favorites), we opened presents, and then cake. Jack seriously made out with the gifts and Hannah had almost as much fun as Jack helping to open them. And the cake of course was enjoyed by all, especially Jack!

Jack, my precious little boy...we love you soooooo much and have enjoyed this year with you. You have grown and changed so much and are now a wobbly, jibbery-jabbery, lovable little boy. You know several words and you understand some of what we are saying. You wave your arms up and down with a huge grin on your face when we say "Excited." You clap and wave when we say those words. You tell us when you want "More" food at the dinner table. Our ability to communicate with you and you with us continues to increase more each day. I love your hugs and open-mouth kisses; you launch yourself at us to give us these hugs and kisses. Stuffed animals are a big hit with you and you love all of these guys with your hugs and kisses too, it is really cute! You are a good son and already a good big brother - you are teaching your sister so much!

Jack giving kisses to his stuffed dog

Happy Birthday Jack!

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  1. Love the pix!! The kids both look like they had so much FUN!