Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Tree

Love this...our family tree. I ordered this awhile back and we have been waiting on the frame to arrive. It is by Naturally Meg you can find her on etsy here. She has all kinds of cute family trees for sale and she will put your initials on them for you - make sure to check her out. Ours has Mark's initials (MEH) and my initials (MMH) up top and the kiddos on the trunk (JH and HH).

Here is the only family picture I think we have so far since bringing Hannah home. It was taken almost a month ago after a very cold walk outside. Good think Mark's parents are coming in 2 days and can hopefully help remedy this for us.


  1. LOVE the family tree...and the family picture! :)

  2. love the tree! I'm going to get one too!