Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I learned today...

Wearing drawstring pants (i.e - pajama pants) with children who are learning to walk and like to hang on your legs is a bad idea; I have been depantsed today by my own children (more than once).

Jack loves the stairs and thinks it is a giant game to sneak to the stairs as soon as I am not looking.

Hannah has learned how to flush the toilet.

Jack can produce tears upon my leaving the room faster than any child I have ever seen.

Jack likes raspberries, Hannah likes hummus, and both my children love zucchini bread.

I am continually learning with these kiddos, the lessons for the day are still not over.


  1. Wow! You learned a lot in one day!

  2. LOVE this little list! What cuties! Hope you guys are doing well!