Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Vay-kay

Yes, we are on vacation and couldn't be more thrilled about it. We left our house this morning a little before 7, drove to the airport, juggled babies-carseats-luggage, checked in, and had a 3 1/2 hour flight to Raleigh. The kids did really well. Tomorrow we will enjoy some time in Raleigh before driving to Ocean Isle Beach, NC where we will be spending a week on the beach...hooray!

Good little travelers.

Mark thought it was "really hot" so decided the kids should have diaper time immediately.

1 comment:

  1. At first glance, I thought the kids were having diaper time while still at the airport. I thought, "Huh, that's interesting" and then re-read your post. :)

    I hope you are having a fantastic time on your trip! I miss you guys!