Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 11 Months

Hooray! You are 11 months little girl. Your growth and development has been huge and it is hard to remember a morning when I didn't wake up to your sweet, smiling face.

I think you must look at Jack and say to yourself "anything you can do, I can do better." You are so observant and watch his every move - thus, you have learned quite a bit just by watching him. You tell us you want "more" at the dinner table because you watch him sign more. (You don't really want more though).

You are my little social butterfly. You LOVE attention. I know I have said this before but it is true. During our travels you would look at people and smile and wave. When I say people I mean almost everyone. It seems as if one of the things in life that brings her the most joy is a shared smile. What a great quality for you to have - you are winning friends left and right.

Your core strength continues to increase and your little legs are getting stronger. You walk along furniture and love to hold her our hands to bounce up & down and dance. You are a fast little crawler and I think this comes from trying to keep up with your brother. You seem to be rather fearless and go and do just about anything. At the beach you crawled straight out into the waves and kept crawling after your head was under the water...yikes!

You were exploring underneath the guest bed...and got stuck.

Words: You say "uh" when we say "uh-oh."

You do "excited" with your brother. You both wave your arms and scream whenever anyone says excited. You wave whenever anyone says "hi." You are clapping.

One of the things I like most about you is how you love. You make your daddy, myself, and your brother feel so good whenever we walk into a room. It is clear you like being around us. You smile and crawl to us and do "excited." Another development is how you are physically attaching yourself to us. The kisses have been coming for awhile, AND I love your open mouth slobbery kisses - you are a sweet girl. BUT, I have just noticed in the last 2 weeks or so that you are starting to really wrap your arms around me when I pick you up. It is like you don't want me to let you go and it is pretty darn close to a HUG.

Here you are a hugging a giant bear we found in a store.
You have also developed an affection for stuffed animals.

Sweet girl, we're excited to watch you grow and change again this next month. You are learning so much so quickly. I have a feeling you will be walking before we know it!

Love you Little Hannah Banana!


  1. Hannah was carved herself out a little sweet spot in our hearts. We love you Hannah.

  2. Awww, Hannah J is such a cutie and she is progressing so well. She must love the water!!!

    I had to smile when you talked about hugs, we got our first "hugs" this last week too. Until then we would hold Mimi and she did not hold us back. Now she does. Not a hug yet, but awfully close!