Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Aside from my usual items that are constantly "lost" a.k.a. temporarily misplaced, we seem to have developed a routine of losing things.

Jack lost a shoe a couple weeks ago - the right shoe. We got another pair just like the first pair and he lost the right shoe AGAIN.

Hannah apparently dislikes her cute little pink and white gingham hat because she is constantly taking it off and throwing it off the side of the stroller. We have lost that hat three times in the last week. Thankfully, every time I have retraced our steps I have found it (1st on the side of the road; 2nd in the middle of the road - no tire tracks, thankfully; and lastly hanging on a tree).

Today, we were out on a walk and I heard Hannah saying "uh-uh," over and over. This is her version of "uh-oh." Finally, I clued in to realize they must have dropped something. Sure enough about 3o feet back was her sippy cup laying on the ground.

Let me conclude by mentioning that I often feel like I am losing my mind. Perhaps, it is because I am busy taking care of myself and two little ones or maybe I have always been this way (most likely the latter). I often find myself making silly mistakes...putting refrigerated items in the pantry and cereal in the refrigerator. Yesterday, I thought I defrosted meatloaf only to find out it was strawberry bread. Last weekend we were trying to take a "Happy Birthday" picture to send to one of our little friends from Hannah's orphanage. Later in the day I happened to look at the pictures a little bit closer only to see that I left out the "h." Perhaps you might remember I did this last year too! Yikes!


  1. How on earth did her hat make it on the tree?! That made me giggle. Hey, most people from India say BIRTday as opposed to BIRTHday...so it works. :)

    ps. It's clearly because you are taking care of two little ones. Bless you!

  2. Megan you are an amazing mommy! I forget things like this all the time and I really wonder what the heck I'm gonna do when I am a mom and have to keep up with myself and my kids :) xo

  3. as long as you remember your tots, the rest is gravy!!

    besides strawberry cake for dinner? yum!