Sunday, August 9, 2009

BBQ's, Baking, and Baptism

Friday night: Dillon BBQ. Highest BBQ challenge in North America. Yum!! Chicken legs, brisket, spicy sausage, beer, diet coke, funnel cake, lots of people, good music & fun with friends. Also celebrated our friend Tanya who entered in the salsa competition. She can now say she makes award winning salsa...way to go Tanya!
Saturday night: Texas BBQ - again, tasty food and friends! And some of that award winning salsa!

Made a cake for a bake sale to support missions in Honduras. Spice cake with vanilla buttercream icing. Gave me a great idea to try an apple filling in the middle next time I make spice cake.

Also made an ice cream cake for my friend Tracy's birthday. Chocolate cake, cookies n cream ice cream, hot fudge in the middle, and chocolate buttercream icing. Celebrated with Tracy and friends by eating lots of cake and playing a little Rock Band.

We were honored to attend Emma's baptism today. Emma was adopted from Ethiopia into a wonderful family here in Breckenridge in May. She is almost two years old and is just the cutest thing. It was very touching for us to be able to interact with their family and to see how loved she is by her brothers and parents. It also made Mark and I even more excited to hopefully get a referral soon for our little girl.

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