Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not-so-sunny Sunday Stroll

Today I decided to take Jack on a walk with me in the stroller. It was perfect weather for a Sunny, Sunday Stroll. We drove to the Rec Center and started out on the bike path. I timed the walk perfect so that it would coincide with his nap time. We walked all the way to Tiger Rd, which is about 2.5 miles. As we were nearing Tiger Rd I noticed the skies were looking a bit ominous. I was walking fast to begin with because this was how I intended to exercise for the day, but after hearing thunder I was practically running. I called Mark to check in and he was standing by to come get us, the only problem is there are only a few places that have access to a road. I called back as the thunder continued and directed him to the first place I knew of where he could meet us.

While on the phone the sheets of rain started falling from the sky. As I was finishing my call a woman with a red jacket on her bike approached us. She asked if we were okay and then offered us her poncho. I started crying I was so thankful. I was hardly concerned with me but wanted to make sure Jack stayed warm and dry. She helped me unfold it and we tucked it around Jack's stroller so that no water would get in. Speechless, the only thing to come out of my mouth was "bless you." "God bless you too," she said. My angel in the red jacket! Thank you!

I continued my awkward, cold, wet run after this to the place where Mark met us. Jack stayed dry. And wouldn't you know as soon as we got in Mark's car, the rain stopped.

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  1. Oh my! How scary! Thank God for the angel with the poncho. :)