Monday, August 31, 2009

Oklahoma Part 2

One really great thing for me about going to Oklahoma is the weather. I love warm weather!! I happen to live in a place where we have a very short "summer." So the week in Tulsa with 80 degree weather was fantastic. It took me a few days to break my habit of grabbing a sweater when walking out the door - I didn't need it.

Because the weather was nice and warm (and it wasn't too hot) we were able to take advantage of the fact that little man Jack likes the pool. We let him swim and spent lots of time outside. We would wear him out in the pool and then let him sleep in his bouncy seat or swing. All that warm weather did him good.

Jack sleeping while Grandpa cooks dinner

Not only did we celebrate my dad's birthday (more on this to come) but we also celebrated my mothers and my birthday. Dad was the 15th, I was the 25th, and Mom was the 26th. We picked one night, exchanged cards, cooked out, and all sang happy birthday to each other. The last several years we have all been together some time in August and like to celebrate all together.


  1. how fun! i'm so glad you all had a good time and got to enjoy some okla heat, family and friends! it was so wonderful to see you guys and get to meet jack - i hope for more time soon!

  2. how was the cake decorated? i can't tell :)