Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 months

Miles of smiles from our little one. His little smiles are abundant and so cute, especially when he realizes we are smiling back at him. Jack spends his days on his play mat, in his bumbo seat, and in the swing.
Being held/rocked
Watching us sing to him
Kicking his legs and staring at the light up smiley face star on his play mat
Listening to Jack Johnson
AND the favorite activity of the month is -- Daddy on the guitar!!
Jack loves this and just talks right along. It is often amusing because we know he likes it so much that we can pull out the guitar when he is upset and he can't decide whether to smile or cry.

Being tired, poor little guy is still having trouble going to sleep. We force the naps during the day and spend some time each night initially convincing him to sleep.
Tummy time, not his favorite.

Everything goes straight to the mouth. fist, blanket, etc. He is gaining accuracy with his ability to get the fist to the mouth, BUT often clocks himself in the process.
He discovered the TV. One day I had him in his bouncy seat while I was in the kitchen listening to the news, I came back to find him staring at the TV - no more of that!
Feet - he likes to stare at his feet and his eyes get real big when they move, he just doesn't know they belong to him.
Holding up his head like a little champ - does well in the bumbo chair and when he is on his tummy.
Mirrors - he likes to smile at himself in the mirror. His smiling game with himself is so cute. He sees someone in the mirror looking at him, he smiles, he smiles back!
Mr. talker - Jack loves to make noise. I hear him in the back seat all the way to the store, just talking along. Lots of happy sounds!

Happy 3 months jack, can't wait to see what you amaze us with this next you Buddy!

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