Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amazing Dad

Today, Mark and I drove to Aurora (E. Denver) to get our electronic fingerprints taken. They will be submitted to the FBI and checked before we can receive our much anticipated I-171H (this is like gold in the adoption world, it means we have permission to adopt).

Jack started getting hungry right as we walked into the office. They took Mark and I right away and Mark was the lucky one who took Jack in his car seat with him. At one point I looked over and Mark was having his left hand fingerprinted and with his right hand stretched to the max was holding a bottle in Jack's mouth. This prevented the entire building from knowing how truly hungry the kid was. Then on the way home Mark sat in the back seat to entertain Jack who thought our long car ride was very lame and boring.

I find it very attractive to see my husband loving our child so well. He truly loves our little guy and is a wonderful father.

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