Friday, June 25, 2010

In honor of Dad

Since Father's Day was this last Sunday I thought I would do a post in honor of Mark (just a little late). He is a great Dad and the kids Love being with him. Whenever he is with them he gives them his full attention and I am so thankful to get to watch him love our children.

1st time holding Jack (05/05/09)

1st time holding Hannah (03/27/10)

holding both

We celebrated on Sunday with a cookout with our neighbors and their little boy
and an ice cream cake.


  1. HI! Found your blog linked from Lisa Cucinella's. Hannah Jitu looks GREAT, I love how you posted her 10 and 11 month photos together, what a difference. I'm going to borrow that idea, it's a good one. Hugs from Mario, Helina and me. Jenny

  2. streeeeeetch that arm hannah!!! you are almost there! :-)