Friday, December 18, 2009

Fan boy

We have slept in the new place for the last 3 nights, yeah! Our social worker came yesterday to update our home study! The renters are in our old place and it was actually ready for them. Mark and I pulled a lot of really late nights this week and were fortunate to have so many people willing to help us. It is done. We still have some (okay several) unpacked boxes but now we have set a limit to unpacking no more than 2 boxes a day.

The new house is good. It will take some getting used to. Whenever I am talking to Mark he has to remind me that this house is bigger and therefore can't hear me from every room. Darn! It's a 2-story house, that is different. And the wood floors...we now hear Macy walking around our room in the middle of the night (click, click, click - go her nails on the floor). Oh, and the garage - no more snow covered cars in the morning.

Jack is pretty adaptable and doesn't seem to care too much. However, he loves our new ceiling fan. He stares at it like he does the tv, even when it is not on (again, just like the tv). Here's our cute boy looking at the fan.

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