Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting outta town

It is official, the tourists have hit the mountain. The grocery stores are jammed with families trying to outfit an entire kitchen for the holidays, the streets are busy with people who don't know how to use a crosswalk, there are no parking places anywhere near the post office, and forget thinking that anyone from out of town knows how to use the traffic circle. So, we figured it was time to get out of town.

The original plan was to leave Monday night, drive all night and arrive to Tulsa Tuesday morning. Then we decided to leave Sunday night. THEN, on Friday we decided to leave Saturday we did. We drove, Jack slept - he did great. We listened to music and stopped for lots of caffeine. We arrived (very tired) with all of us and the 2 dogs. My mom has been on a familiarization trip in Cabo (nice perk of being a travel agent) and came back to see my smiling face at the airport last night. Nice early Christmas present having your daughter arrive early.

So we are here in Tulsa, ready to relax a bit. Don't have to worry about the new house. Mark just has to finish his final in the next 2 days. And we have grandparents to spoil Jack!

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