Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moving Days

There isn't one moving day for us this move - it is more like moving week. We closed on the house last Friday and we have been moving ever since then. Some stuff is in the garage, some is in the new house, and a very little is still in the old house. We had most of the house repainted and that is done. We have ripped out the carpet and it is being replaced today. This is why it has been difficult to move...some rooms had to wait for paint to be finished and some for carpet...some for both. Tonight we should be able to really start finalizing things, which is great because Thursday our social worker will be visiting our new place so that we can update our home study and apply for a new I-171H (something we need in order to bring home Hannah). In the midst of all the moving we are trying to get our old place ready for the renters who will be moving in Thursday. Aggghhhh....deep breath.

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