Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack Frost

We have our very own Jack Frost. Our little man is cold. He is the kid who literally turns blue in the swimming pool. This last month Jack has been attending a Tadpoles swimming class at the Rec Center. It has been fun to watch him in the pool, floating around, kicking like crazy, and wearing himself out so that he will take great naps the rest of the day. But by the end of the class, (it is only 30 minutes and it is a heated pool) his lips have turned bluish/purple and he shakes if you lift him out of the water even just a little. It is the same with bath time these days, as soon as he gets out he just shakes uncontrollably. Poor little guy. We asked the Dr. about it and he said it is because he has so much surface area and not a lot of fat.

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