Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our daughter

SHE passed court and is officially our daughter. Her given name is Jitu, which means "green land," "moisture." We will be calling her Hannah Jitu Hubbard. We are so excited that we are one step closer to bringing her home. Here are a few pictures of our precious little girl.

Our referral picture, which we got on 10/26 but was taken in August when she was 5 weeks.

Three and a half months

5 months old in December 09

Hannah at 6 months!

We love you Hannah and will keep praying for you and asking God to keep you safe and love you well each day. We can't wait for you to be with us.


  1. Megan-- I'm SO THRILLED for you guys!!!! She's gorgeous. Her eyes are totally captivating.

  2. So, so, so happy for your family!! Isn't it an amazing feeling? (Boy, you got that call early:)


  3. how wonderful and amazing and beautiful!! Congrats on your new daughter, Mark and Megan! We love you already, Hannah Jitu!!

  4. Hannah is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your baby girl!

  5. oh my gosh, YAY!!! we are SO excited for you guys!!! can't wait to meet her and we're so thankful she's yours!!!


  6. Gorgeous Hannah Jitu!! We'll see you in March in ET!!

  7. Love her already......... Grandma!

  8. Congratulations! She is beautiful. We have daughters the same age...can't wait to see pics of her in your arms!

  9. Wow! Congratulations! She is just so beautiful. You are going to be one busy Momma but they will enjoy each other so much.