Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 9 Months

Dear Little Man,

You are so cute and we love you so much. Your smiles still melt my heart. I can hardly wait to get you out of your crib each morning - your excitement and squeals of delight are adorable. You are almost always Happy. You have the cutest little laugh which I hear often through out the day. At this stage you are very inquisitive, you want to touch EVERYTHING!!! Everything is something you want to see, touch, put in your mouth, etc. Which is probably why you are so mobile, you finally want to get to things bad enough that you will go to them. Your mode of transportation is somewhere between a crawl and an inchworm style motion. You often get up on all fours but mainly just try to stand from this position - which you can only do if you are holding on to something.

But you are pulling yourself up. You love to move and walk. The walker is helping you move across the room in addition to walking along the couch. Also your daddy likes to take you for laps around the kitchen holding his hands. "Gimme 5" - you learned how to do this AND how to wave "hi."

(Trying to give Daddy "Five" through the tent)

The dogs are becoming much more interesting as little Macy loves to sit below your highchair when you are eating in hopes of getting some delicious morsel you might accidentally drop. You are a GREAT eater. Earlier this month you had a cold and this is about the only time I have seen you not be enthusiastic about eating. You love every food we give you - even the carrots and the peas. Toast is probably one of your favorite foods and you eat it all by yourself. You seem to be pretty adaptable and did well when we took you to Denver this month for a weekend of fun with a bunch of middle schoolers. Also you have discovered Elmo. A couple of times a week I turn on "Elmo's World" for you during Sesame Street and it is so cute to hear you giggle when you see him. I can't wait to see how you continue to amaze us during this next month. You are a good son - Love, love, love you Jack!

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