Saturday, January 30, 2010


Why did this happen, again? It appears that there was a piece of paper missing from our file when our case went to court. We have been told that this has not been required in the past, but now MOWA insists that it be present in the files. Very frustrating to have yet another court date for us to wait for, but there is nothing we can do.

Mark and I have again been overwhelmed with kind words and prayers from friends and family. We appreciate everyone's support and are so encouraged. That little girl is already so well loved - we just can't wait to bring her home.

Yesterday we got our sad news but also got some very happy news. Some friends of ours have been in ET this week meeting their daughter Rahel. You can check out their blog here. They were able to go to Hannah's orphanage and meet her, take pictures, and video. What a special gift this is to us and we appreciate them so much. Here are a few things, our friend had to say in an email she sent after going to visit:

".....we have met your daughter and she is AMAZING!!!! So,.....Hannah is basically GORGEOUS....she is seriously beautiful and so are going to be amazed and you can put your heart and mind to rest...she has a round belly and a filled out face and legs and hands and everything...she really is so beautiful and healthy looking. She was asleep on her belly when we got there and they rolled her over...she woke up but I couldn't get a smile since she was such a sleepy baby =) She didn't smile because of the sleepiness, but she didn't cry at all either!! They said she is very, very sweet!!! She has such soft hair and her curls have gotten long!! She is taken such good care of. The orphanage is beautiful and clean and bright. The nursery is clean and there is someone in there constantly....the older babies are sitting, etc....which is great news!! Their cribs are clean and orderly and they seem very well cared easy tonight knowing that she is well until she is in your arms!!"

This just makes my heart smile. Thank you Sarah for checking on my baby girl!


  1. yay! we can't wait to meet her... so glad to hear she is doing well! praying for peace and trust and patience as you wait through these next days and weeks to bring her home!

    anne & phil

  2. I was so sad to hear that she didn't pass court again, but I'm so thankful that she is doing so wonderful! The description of her made me cry! Can't wait to see her in person now!

    All our best,

    linds and john and kiddos :)

  3. i didn't realize you were getting a hannah too! how exciting. i know there are all kinds of obstacles, but i'm sure once she is finally yours, you'll forget all about it and you will only remember how she was worth every heart ache. what wonderful words from your friends. i'm so excited for you and will be praying for NO more delays!!
    bless you all!!