Monday, January 18, 2010

Just not fair

"Life isn't always fair." This is something I heard a lot growing up. It was usually in reference to me complaining that my brother was getting to do something I didn't get to do - but he had his own complaints about me too.

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to the fact that "life is not fair". It isn't fair that Hannah didn't pass court the first time. It's not fair that I have friends who desperately desire to have children and they are having infertility problems. It's not fair that there are people who get pregnant that don't even want children.

It's not fair...that I have friends who long to be married and share their life with someone and they are still single; that children sometimes die while they are still children; that there are millions of orphans; that people go hungry and thirsty every day all around the world (here in the U.S too); that people are hurting, lonely, and in pain; etc...I could go on and on. Life isn't fair.

The people of Haiti are weighing heavy on my mind when I think about what they are living through right now. It's not fair and my prayers are with them.

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