Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 8 Months (a little late)

A little big boy, that is what you are.
This month you have changed so much. You are so close to crawling and enjoy getting up on all fours to rock back and forth. You actually do move, but mostly backwards. You are trying to pull yourself up using anything you can find. Mealtimes have become infinitely more fun, because you get to eat with us. Almost everything we give you to eat, you like (so far). The adjustment for to the new house was smooth and easy - you love your new play room. One whole room for you and all your toys - yikes!

You are happy, easy-going, and oh-so-smiley! Sleeping times are going so well - you sleep through the night and we are close to being on an actual napping schedule. You love to watch others, especially children -whenever we are with other little kiddos, you just seem to study their every move. But you like all the commotion and you always get so excited whenever your dad or I walk in the door. I think your dad goes to work all day just so that he can come home to watch you bounce and squeal with excitement when he walks in the door.
We love you Jack!

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