Sunday, January 24, 2010

Over the crud

We had the crud. For almost two weeks, Jack and I were sick. We had colds, fevers, sore throats (at least I did, Jack couldn't tell me his was sore) coughs, and overall yuck-i-ness. Mark was great about retrieving cold medicne and maple long johns from the store. As well as helping with all the other household chores I wasn't up to tackling. Thanks Mark!

However, this weekend is the the first weekend we are feeling good (the last 2 were bad). We had a great time. We relaxed on Friday night. Saturday I actually left the house to meet up with a friend for coffee. Mark had a guys poker/Rock band night and I had a ladies baking night with some friends. And today we had brunch at a friends house and met some other families who have adopted children. It was great! Here's to being over the crud!

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