Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're Tough

We all have colds, again! Ugh, this must be the year for us. Today was quite the day...

Jack has pink eye. When we went in to get him out of his crib this morning, we of course had to deal with the pink eye gunk that accumulates overnight. It took two of us to entertain him and clean him up. After that it was diaper changing time. Somehow Jack's diaper came off and he had poop all inside his little sleep sack. His hair brush was in there too - that one's a mystery, not sure how it got there. Anyways, his day started off a little rough but he has been a real trooper with being sick and all.

Mark and I also got a bunch of shots I think we are pretty tough too! I got 4 shots today and Mark got 3. AND, we bought our tickets to Ethiopia. We leave March 25th, assuming the rest of our paperwork goes the way it should.

Hope all our colds go away soon!

Jack relaxing and trying to be happy, despite not feeling well.

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  1. You decided you would travel? Great! You won't regret it.