Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

We had a lovely Valentine's Day. Jack got lots of Valentine's in the mail - pretty popular boy!

We gave Jack some books as a Valentine's present from Mom and Dad. Kind of a present for us too, we read him the same books over and over, we thought some added variety would be good. He loved the ribbon the best around the books.

After J. went to bed, Mark and I had a nice dinner via the dressed up card table (table cloth, candles, etc.) in the living room. Since we didn't go out (and really why would we want to? It is Presents Day weekend in a resort town - there are tourists galore!) we ate at Restaurant a La Hubbard. We enjoyed a tasty Calzone from Giampietro's (yeah, I didn't have to cook), salad, and wine. Ooooh and Hot Fudge Pudding cake for dessert, one of Mark's favorites.

Thankful for my 2 boys this valentine's and my little girl too!

Oh and a walk down memory lane to Mark and I's first Valentine's Day together - Feb 2005. We were dating, so I went over to his house and made dinner for the 2 of us. We ate chicken kiev and he gave me The Notebook on DVD! So sweet.

I asked him last night if we could watch it together and he laughed! Instead we watched an episode of Criminal Minds. Ah, I love you my valentine, hope to celebrate many more "heart days" with you!!

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