Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 10 Months

You have grown by leaps and bounds this last month. You have abandoned your old inching-like crawling for the real thing, and you are Fast! You pull yourself up on EVERYTHING...bathtubs, toilets, drawers, couches, the entertainment center.

You are cruising and transfer yourself from item to item around the room all while standing. Most of this last month you have pulled yourself up in your crib and do not know how to get down; I think though in the last day or so you have figured this out.

We bought a baby gate for the top of the stairs as you can get to the stairs oh so quickly. You talk to us and your favorite noises are the ones where you make noise by putting your hand over your mouth and moving it quickly up and down. We hear strings of all kinds of consonants that you put together. One of your favorite toys is a pink egg that you like to shake. You are getting so curious especially now that you can move...last week you found the dog's water bowl and promptly turned that upside down. You also took great delight in examining all the vents on the floor. Pretty much everything is new and exciting.

You make your dad feel so good when he comes home from work and you crawl to him. We still love to hear you laugh and enjoy tickling you just to hear our favorite sound. Reading is still so fun with you. You have your favorite books and really like the ones where you get to lift the flap yourself. Also peek-a-boo has become a great game where you love to pull our hands off our faces and the blanket off your head --and then you just grin because you are so proud that you figured it out. You are growing up so fast and learning things so rapidly - we're so proud to be your parents.

We love you soooooooo much. We will enjoy this next month with you as after that we will be watching you in a "brother" role to your sister Hannah.

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