Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the eve...

Last night Mark and I gathered with some friends for dessert and prayer. I fully intended to take pictures and got so wrapped up in conversations with friends that it didn't happen. I did get two pictures though...

Mark playing with some of the kiddos

Our friend DJ and Jack

Thanks to our friends David and Tanya for hosting. And thanks to our friends who came and to all of our friends who couldn't come but have supported us through this process. Mark and I have been through situations in life where we did not openly discuss how we were/felt about things and it helped us realize the importance of letting others be a part of our lives. The support, encouragement, and prayers offered to us by those around us have been so helpful and we feel truly blessed by those who are in our lives. ~~ Last night the dessert was plentiful and very yummy. The conversations were real and up-lifting and we walked away excited and encouraged about our upcoming trip...tomorrow!!!

We finished up our last bit of packing. We loved on our little boy. We ate dinner for the last time as family of 3. And then Mark made my favorite drink, a BBC, and we watched last night's episode of LOST.

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  1. so so glad that community was involved in this one.
    and almost as glad that mark made you a bbc to consume with lost again this week! i wish i could have attended both.
    much love to you, my dear friends. and so excited for your family of fOUR!