Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy 7/8 Months to Hannah

We were originally told that Hannah's birth date was July 06, 2009. However, this week when we got her birth certificate it says August 05, 2009. According to our original report she was left at the orphanage approximately 12 days after being born, which is clearly still July and not August. Thus the birth date discrepancy.

No matter how old she is we love her already and in just 2 weeks will hopefully be meeting her. I can't wait - I love her curls and those lips. I love her lips, so cute! I love you Hannah!


  1. It is always something, isn't it? She is gorgeous! So excited for you!


  2. So beautiful Megan! I can't wait for you all to go pick her up! Love all the pictures you have up!

  3. She IS beautiful. I love her curls!! Less than two weeks kiddo!!!