Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cut it off

(Jack's new hair cut)

I have been fired from cutting little man's least that is what was strongly implied the last time I accidentally butchered (trimmed) Jack's hair in August. My best friend Becky is just finishing cosmetology school and so I decided to let Becky do the honors on Jack's ever growing mullet like head of was the day.

Jack did pretty well sitting still for an 18 month old. He didn't really like the sound of the clippers but we did lots of distracting via tootsie roll pops, hair clippies, mirrors, brushing Becky's hair, and kid apps on my phone. Becky is so great with kids and really knew how to connect with him and try and make him more at ease despite his trepidation over that buzzing thing that kept coming near his end. The end result is a little Big Kid. His hair looks great.

(Becky and Jack)

Also while there, Mark got a cut and then me too. No pictures of our new do's but here is a picture of the remnants of hair on the floor after my chopping experience.

p.s - Thanks becky - you're Awesome!


  1. Yay! I love the pics and it was such a pleasure! I miss you guys already!!!