Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grandpa Pumpkin

We recently had a visitor: my dad, (Grandpa to Jack and Hannah). He came up in the afternoon from Denver where he was on a business trip and arrived just before the kids woke up from nap time. We enjoyed the nice weather and walked to the park, we read books (lots of em), and we had lots of fun enjoying our short time with him. The next morning we had breakfast together and then Grandpa had to head back down the hill for a few more meetings before heading home to OK.

~Fun on the slide~

~Sitting on the "rock" - a new favorite word~

~Swinging time~

~Working on a puzzle~

~Reading books~

Hannah calls Grandpa something like "ba pa" and for Jack it comes out "pumpkin." Weird, right? I know he will get it eventually but for now he is Grandpa Pumpkin. We all really enjoyed the visit and are thankful that we will see him again soon at thanksgiving!!

We really love visitors and our next one comes tomorrow. We CAN'T WAIT!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you had your dad for a visit. He's gotta be the most proud BaPa and Pumkin ever! :)