Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Turkey Day

*Disclaimer: There are a bunch of posts coming. Due to error user on an unfamiliar computer during Thanksgiving, I could not post while we are on vacation. Then, we all got a nasty cold upon returning home, so watch out blog world...the posts have been piling up.

We had a chilly day this year for Thanksgiving, but at least it was warmer than it would have been in Colorado. We mainly played indoors in the morning - exploring all of Gigi and Grandpa's Toys. The kids had fun entertaining the likes of everyone: Gigi, Grandpa, Uncle Jacob, Aunt Amie, Great Nanny, and Great Aunt Jackie.

Jack with his Great Nanny

There were yummy smells coming from the kitchen all day, it was heavenly. Before nap time we took the kids to the park to feed the ducks along with Aunt Amie and Uncle Jacob. It was very cold but the kids had so much fun throwing bread to the ducks and yelling "quack-quack" at them. (Pictures of this will come next week).

We ate a late thanksgiving meal after the kids took naps and they loved trying all the "thanksgiving food." Also, check out my brother's pie - it was the first pie he ever made - I am so proud of him, it was good too!

Thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving~

Our family being together - Last year we were thinking of Hannah wishing she was already with us.

Thankful for this guy!

And for time with family!

Aunt Amie, me, and Hannah at dinner.

Mark, Jack, and Uncle Jacob.

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  1. Great pictures Megan! Jacob's pie looks like it was perfect. xo!