Tuesday, November 2, 2010

kids halloween party

This year we decided to have a Pumpkin Decorating Party for our kids and their friends. It was really fun and chaotic. 14 adults, 9 kids (2 and under), and 6 infants (under the age of 1) --that is 31 people!!! We had treats, stickers & markers for decorating and we did lots of playing. Thankfully, it was pretty nice outside and we spent a good deal of time on the porch.

This is an attempt at a group picture...

Notice: Jack's cheeks are all puffy because I tried to bribe him to sit for the picture using candy corn.


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  1. Aw!! This kids look so cute!! I love their costumes. Dorothy and Scarecrow!

    My old neighborhood does this too--we gather for a pot luck dinner at one house and a craft for the kids, then T or Ting, then we gather at a different house for desserts and scary movies. The kids love it. We went back this year and Maren tore it UP!