Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Last of Halloween

I am sure you could tell from our Pumpkin Party that our little ones dressed up as a scarecrow and Dorothy. Hannah had the little red shoes and everything - even a basket with a dog...not that it ended up in any photos. Jack seemed to do pretty good with his costume too and we did manage to get some photos with the hat on!

This was our first year in our new house and the first year we have had trick or treaters since Mark and I have been married. I thought I was prepared and bought candy. Then, someone told me that there really are a LOT of kids coming through so I bought more. We ran out by 6 o'clock when I had to announce the group of kids on our front porch that we were all out of candy. Oooops!
Jack and Hannah really liked seeing the kids come to our door and J even helped hand out some candy.

After we ran out of candy we fed the kids dinner and headed over to some friends house for some soup and hanging out.

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  1. Cute! Love their costumes!! :) We ran out of candy, too!