Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family of Four

The Hubbards are soon to be a family of four. Mark and I are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia - a sister for Jack.

How we got here:
Before Mark and I got married we discussed children (how many we wanted to have, etc.). During this conversation we both acknowledged that we would like to have both biological and adopted children. This became more of a reality for us as we began to struggle with infertility issues. After our 2nd miscarriage, we seriously starting discussing adoption. We first looked into domestic adoption last May. We spent a lot of time researching and talking to different agencies. Eventually we decided that international adoption was something we had always felt passionate about and that we should shift our focus from domestic adoption. So, we started researching countries. You name the country and we probably looked into it. We prayed a lot about it and both one day acknowledged that we felt good about a certain country and it happened to be the same country for both of us: Ethiopia.

We decided to try one more time to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I reluctantly agreed to this after making Mark promise that we would send in paperwork the day we miscarried again. You see, I just wanted to be a Mom. I didn't care if our children were our biological children or if they had been born somewhere else. This is what I had always dreamed about, having little ones to love and nurture. Well, we tried again, and surprise! We stayed pregnant. And now there is Jack.

During the pregnancy we talked a lot about how adoption was a desire of ours that seemed only to intensify throughout this whole process to being parents. Mark and I discussed timing and prayed some more, we both felt good about proceeding with our adoption journey in March. We chose an agency, chose another agency in state to complete our home study for us, and started gathering documents. Just last week we had our 3rd and final home study visit with our social worker and we are waiting on this to come in the mail.

We are soooooo excited and think of her and pray for her, knowing she could already be born. I find myself telling Jack quite often about how he will be getting a little/big sister soon. They will most likely be very close in age and it is exciting to think of them having each other as they grow up. So, this is our big news. We'll keep you posted on future developments.


  1. :) I have big tears in my eyes.... I know the struggle, and I understand the desire to be PARENTS whether there are biological children or adoptive. And I know how it is to have both!! :) It's a tough journey you're jumping into-- but you'll do great. Again, can't wait to talk more very soon about it!

  2. SO exciting! what a blessed life that little girl will have! so thrilled for you guys!

  3. We met David and Darcy this past weekend. Thank you so much for passing our info to them. I can't believe we are going to have another little Ethiopian in our small town:) So happy to see you guys doing so well. Can't wait to hear more on your little girl!