Saturday, June 13, 2009

I know I'm a mom because...

The other day I got into my car only to look down and see a pacifier in the cup holder. It made me think about how I am definitely living in Mom-world. I've been pooped on, spat up on (Jack is especially good at this one), and peed on. My skills at being a one-handed woman improved over night. I can type one handed, eat one handed, and heck, even took chocolate chip cookies out of the oven with one hand. To clean the house the other day I put Jack in his carrier and together we swept, mopped, and cleaned the toilet. I walk around the house singing to/talking to Jack. I frequently serenade my son with Country Songs that we listen to...he especially likes it when we dance to Kellie Pickler's "Best Days of Your Life." My days now revolve around Jack's eating schedule, taking fast showers, and loving all the precious little moments I have with him.

Mark and I are still getting to do some of the things we did pre-Jack and we hope to continue to be intentional about this and about spending time with our friends. It's amazing to think that just 6 weeks ago, my life looked very different.

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  1. i love this description of what it looks like to be a mom! SO true!!!