Thursday, June 4, 2009

More outfits than a teenage girl

Mark's parents left this morning and it is now just Jack and me. We had a really great visit, appreciated their help, and were so excited that they were able to make it out to Colorado to meet their grandson. I know Jack will be so different in September when we fly out to see them in NY.

So, now just Jack and I. We took the stroller into town and went to the post office. This was our first extended walk just the two of us. He was great and slept the whole time. The challenge was trying to fit the packages into the stroller.

Now we are catching up on some Mommy - son time, and doing more laundry. I must say I had no idea how much laundry I would be doing. Jack goes through so many clothes in one day, it is unbelievable. I usually undress him when he eats in hopes that we can salvage an outfit a few hours longer.

Jack's still asleep so I will keep working on a few more things around the house so that when dad comes home, we can all relax.

Daddy/ Jack time!!

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