Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy 1 month

Jack 4 weeks ago.

Jack today at 1 month

Jack is one month today. I can't believe it, it is going by so fast. Jack is increasingly becoming more alert and starting to focus his eyes more. He is such a happy and content baby. Jack likes his bouncy-vibrating seat, being held, eating (of course), sleeping, and his pacifier. He tolerates the abundant number of kisses he receives from Macy and his diaper changes (still not his favorite). Mark and I are enjoying watching him grow and change right before our eyes. We are learning his different types of cries and love watching the little faces he makes. Happy 1 month Jack, we love you!


  1. That boy is growing before my eyes! Before you know it - he'll be asking for the car key!
    You sure have one good looking boy there!

  2. You mean toy car keys right?