Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day!

Meeting Hannah on 3.27.10

(First picture of us with our daughter)

We celebrated Hannah's Gotcha Day Yesterday, March 27th! This marks one year since we physically held her, met her, and fell even more in love with our little princess.


Mark and I decided that in addition to her birthday this is a day we want to celebrate with her every year. Hannah is such a special blessing to our family and we never want her to doubt how much we love and care about her. We decided that on her Gotcha Day we will celebrate with a special breakfast each year. This year it fell on Sunday which is always a challenging day to get out the door and get to church. We decided to focus on breakfast and get to church when we could make it, so we were a little late but had a fun time at the local Donut Shop.

After Dinner we let the kids have a special treat, some Mickey Mouse marshmallow pops they got from their GiGi and Grandpa. We had been saving them for a special occasion. They devoured them. Jack bit off Mickey's face and then asked us where Mickey went ("Mickey go?"). Hannah liked hers just as much as was proven by the sticky mess she was. It was worth it.

LOVE YOU, Hannah!

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