Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recent Reads

Two books that I have read recently and would recommend, both very different from one another.

A true story about a courageous little boy who was in a car accident with his Dad. He survives the accident and comes out of a coma almost 2 months after. The book is a compilation of his Dad's perspective of this time, friends and relatives, and the young man who was in the accident. I can't describe it really other than to say I am so glad it was recommended to me - I really enjoyed it!

One of my favorite Bloggers and fellow Oklahoman, Ree Drummond produced yet another great book, the first being her cookbook. She recounts her own love story with the infamous Marlboro Man. Love her writing and the humorous way she invites readers to a "behind the scenes" look at her life.

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  1. Girl, I read PW's new book in a day! It was fab!!!