Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blizzard of the Month Club

Blizzard of the MoNtH: Girl Scout Tagalong Peanut Butter Patties Blizzard Treat

My brother Jacob and I have decided to start our very own Blizzard of the Month club. Once a month we will be enjoying the same tasty frozen treat and then giving it a rating of 1-10. 1 being awful, 10 being "this was the best blizzard ever, I will only order this one in the future." Our opinions will be collaborated and the results will be displayed. Please note that we do not live in the same location and he is in fact traveling out on the road.

Megan said: I give it a 6. This is definitely for the peanut butter lover. The chunks of pb and chocolate make it good. More chocolate would make it better!!

(Location: Silverthorne, CO)

Jacob said
: I have to give it a 6. It was good but peanut butter is not my favorite flavor.

(Location: Festus, MO)

Please feel free to join us in the fun. Try it and let me know what you think. Also, DQ has a coupon for a free 16 oz. blizzard with a purchase of a blizzard. Click here to register for your coupon (it's at the bottom of the page).


  1. Oh! Because of this entry, I have to go and get one tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think...

  2. Can't wait to hear your opinion. Oh, and August is Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Blizzard! I am super excited for that.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot to let you know what I thought. I really, really, liked the blizzard. I give it an 8.5. I'm a PB lover so perfect for me. Oh, Thin Mint! Looks like i'm headed back to DQ soon.