Saturday, July 25, 2009

Go Rockies!

Jack went to his first Rockies Game tonight! The Rockies played the SF Giants and won 8-2....Go Rockies!

It was raining when we first got there. Good thing we were in a suite and had covered seating to watch the game. Although, the rain didn't last long. Mark's company took a bunch of their clients and Jack and I were able to go along for the fun. Jack ate when we first got there and made it about a hour into the game before he lost it. I am talking complete meltdown; utterly inconsolable. We spent some time on the floor of the handicapped bathroom stall in the women's bathroom - I was trying not to think about how clean or unclean it might have been. Jack finally calmed down - and ate again. Then, he was OUT. Perfectly calm and asleep.

I was able to meet my friend Heather and her little boy Bridger for a few minutes during the 7th inning. It was great to say "hi" and catch up a bit. Shortly after returning to the suite, Jack woke up and was VERY happy. He was all smiles and cuteness.

I just love this picture!

Justus and Jack, they are gonna be good buds!
First Rockies Game for the Boys. Justus is the son of Scott and Treena.
Scott works with Mark and these two boys were born just 3 weeks apart.
Justus -almost 9 weeks, Jack-almost 12 weeks.

When the game ended it was raining again. Actually, it was pouring. Mark was kind of enough to leave me under a covered area and as any good Dad would do, he took off running with the umbrella towards the car. (It was at least a 5 minute run - and Mark is a former track runner) He valiantly returned to pick us up and we drove home.

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  1. that photo with jack's smile and hand on face is amazing! and a bit funny. yay for blogging connections! let the blog addictions carry on... love you guys!