Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Childhood friend

Last weekend I got the opportunity to meet up with an old friend. When I was in first grade my family moved from North Carolina to Oklahoma. On my first day the teacher assigned Ashley Alexander to be my "buddy." Ashley showed me around, sat with me at lunch, played with me at recess, etc. and this turned into a wonderful friendship.

We had a great time talking about some of our favorite memories from our early years. Sleepovers, playing school at each other's houses (we were both teacher's pets in school. In fact, in 5th grade the two of us would give up our recess time to go down to a first grade teachers classroom to help out. Very fitting that as adults we ended up working in education), making radio shows, playing pageants, musical theatre class. We watched our first rated "R" movie together: My cousin Vinnie.

Anyways, here's to Ashley! It has been great to reconnect over the last few years and very fun to see her, reminisce, and meet her boyfriend David.

(Ashley and David)

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